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Welcome to our store! Here you will find all the products we have available for purchase online. If you have not seen our main web site yet, you can check it out here: Kendon Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailers and Motorcycle Lifts. Feel free to shop around and don't forget to check-out to finish placing your order.

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Kendon is the originator of Stand-Up™ motorcycle trailers and lifts. Since 1991, the Kendon brand has been synonymous with high quality, durability and innovation. No other competitor can claim torsion axles with independent suspension, triangulated round tube construction or, of course, our patented Stand-Up™ design that allows our trailers and lifts to fit in tight spaces.

Photos shown are representational photos only. Kendon reserves the right to technical changes and model changes. Models shown equipped with standard equipment only. Optional equipment not included. Accessories are optional.

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